Successful recruitment campaign for CRIST S.A- Poland that we are proud to share!

Vina Manpower has successfully supplied Vietnamese Welders, Pipe Fitters and Locksmith to CRIST S.A- Poland (CRIST)

The CRIST was established in 1990 by 2 friends. Later in 2010, the company was converted into a joint-stock company which specializes in Shipbuilding, offshore constructions, steel structures, sea engineering, civil engineering. CRIST steadily develop and adjust their offers to changing market demands. CRIST is the only shipyard in Europe which has already constructed 3 units for the installation and servicing of sea wind farms.

The CRIST belongs to the group of companies distinguishing themselves through innovativeness, niche products and the organization of the supply chain. The company cooperates with Clients from Poland, Germany, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Scotland.

The face-to-face interview and skills assessment between CRIST’s representatives and each Vietnamese worker were conducted openly, transparently and successfully. Within 2 working days, CRIST’s representative has selected the best-skilled of Vietnamese Welders, Pipe Fitters and Locksmith who are available & willing to work for CRIST in Poland.

Vina Manpower would like to express our sincere thanks, truly grateful for the trust of CRIST S.A in the selection and employ Vietnamese Workers for their companies & international projects in Poland and Europe.