Mechanical sector is particularly important industry for the development & progresses of the world’s economy. Mechanical manpower is generalists and they work on the most diverse range of projects. They’re involved in every kind of physical device such as: vehicles, machines, power systems, engines, ships, aircraft, physical products and their manufacturing.

The focus towards infrastructure development and economic have created ample opportunities for skilled, experienced, and qualified mechanical manpower. The huge demand of mechanical manpower is increasing at a rapid pace and it has also created a big gap between the demand and the supply in this industry. As the demand is increasing it becomes tough to find dedicated manpower and in fact, a lot of projects get delayed due to the shortage of this manpower.

With more than 15 years of experience in supplying Vietnam mechanical manpower to Overseas Placement, Vina Manpower commits to supply high skilled & quality workforce to fulfill your manpower needs at a short period. This will be enable you to always complete your projects on time with efficiency & profitability.

For Mechanical Industry, Vina Manpower specializes in supplying different types of high qualified & experience manpower as below:

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Some of our customers

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