Vietnam is a developing country in Southeast Asia with little soil characteristics and crowded people. According to statistics in 2017, the agricultural labor force accounts for about 40% of the country’s labor force. In the process of integration with the world economy, Vietnam has been concentrating on training high quality agricultural human resources, investing in machinery and equipment and applying high technology in agricultural production to improve the position of Vietnam’s agriculture in the International Agricultural Market.

Besides the achievements, the application of machinery, equipment and high technology in agricultural production led to a large surplus of agricultural labor in Vietnam. The surplus of this labor force has created conditions for Vina Manpower to attract a large number of trained candidates to serve our labor export activities.

With the Agriculture Industry, Vina Manpower specializes in supplying different types of high qualified & trained manpower as below:

For the need of Agriculture workers, we are the best destination both quality & quantity for the progresses of your company. Let’s join hands with us and get the best manpower from Unskilled, Semi-skilled to Skilled categories for your small or large farms and projects worldwide./.

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Some of our customers

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